Why Explore A Career In Professional Painting

If you’re on the job hunt but aren’t sure what field to explore, professional painting may be the perfect option for you. While many places are hiring, choosing a business to work for where you enjoy the work and the company culture are equally important. 

So Why Work as a Professional Painter? 

Professional painting as a career can be a wonderful option for many different reasons. Some of the main benefits to working as a professional painter including: 

  • Working in different locations and on a variety of different projects
  • The opportunity to spend time outdoors in addition to on-site locations inside
  • Painting is a creative outlet that doesn’t require specific experience or a particular educational background
  • There is the opportunity to hone your skill
  • If you love learning, there is always something new to learn
  • You can take pride in the work that you do
  • You get to interact with other painters, business owners, homeowners, and customers

What We Do

Painters work on a variety of projects including interior and exterior commercial and residential buildings. The work that painters do is on display all around us. From commercial buildings and office spaces to homes right on your block, painters get the opportunity to work on many different projects and travel from site to site. 

At Todd A Hess Painting, we take pride in hiring employees who align with our culture and add to our team. Our employees and owners are friendly, welcoming, and collaborative – ensuring that team members always have what they need to do their jobs and do them well. 

About Us

Our Mission

We are craftspeople seeking to bring the highest quality painting services to our customers for the most reasonable cost. We take pride in protecting the properties and families of both the customer and the craftspeople. This outcome is achieved by working hygienically and efficiently while producing consistent results on every project.

Our Vision

To bring quality painting services to the most homes and businesses, through competitive craftsperson pay and continued community outreach.

Working with Todd A Hess Painting Co.

We are looking for a reliable and motivated person to join our team! If this sounds like a good fit for you, please take a moment to review the following credentials we are searching for. 

  • Must have two years experience.
  • We offer accumulated vacation time starting immediately upon being hired on  (up to a 56 hour maximum), six days of holiday pay, a company provided cell phone, and $4 per day if you drive your own vehicle to the job site.  
  • Pay is based on experience but ranges from $17-22 per hour to start.  
  • Must be willing to submit to a criminal background check and have a valid driver’s license.  

In the last 5 years, we have had full-time winter work for all of our crews.  There have been no layoffs to date and we welcome you to reach out to our team with any questions or concerns regarding the position. 

You can get started on your job application today, and our team will be in touch with you shortly if you are a good fit for this position. Thanks! 

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