5 Signs Your Home Needs A Fresh Coat of Exterior Paint

When was the last time your home’s exterior got a fresh coat of paint? If you don’t know the answer, that may mean it’s time to freshen things up. As we move closer to the spring, now is the perfect time to start planning an exterior repaint for your home. From color choices to actually scheduling the work, we encourage you to get a jumpstart on the process this month!

And if you’re not sure if you need to repaint your home yet or not, we’re sharing five signs that it may be time. 

1. Peeling or cracking

One sign to look for that will indicate that your home is in need of a repaint is peeling, cracking, flaking, or chipping the paint on the exterior of your home. These telltale signs mean that the outside elements like rain, snow, and wind have taken a toll on your home’s paint. 

Peeling and cracking not only look the best, but they can also lead to underlying issues. When the paint pulls back, it leaves the materials underneath exposed and unprotected. In this instance, mold, mildew, or dry rot can all become a concern for your home’s structure. 

2. Fading or sunspots 

When it comes to curb appeal, paint and color are some of the first things others notice about your home. How is the color of your house holding up? If the paint has been on for a few years, you may see fading or sunspots in certain areas. These places where discoloration may occur can easily be brightened up and brought back to life with a fresh paint coat. 

3. Gaps or shrinking wood

Have you noticed some new gaps between two wooden boards in your home? If so, it may be a cause for concern and a warning sign to you that moisture is getting into the wood. Like peeling or cracking in the paint, these gaps in your wooden boards can lead to mold, mildew, or dry rot. Paint maintenance over the years will help protect the wood from outside elements and can actually prevent any further damage to your home. 

4. Cracks in the caulk

Caulk is the material used to seal a joint between two surfaces and keeps everything intact and protected from potential damage. Cracks or breaks in the caulk can occur over time because caulk begins to lose its elasticity and can no longer do its job. If you notice that the caulk in your home’s joints is starting to wear, that’s a good indicator to know your home is in need of a good repaint soon, too. 

5. It’s time to sell 

If you’re getting ready to sell your home and put it on the market, a fresh coat of paint can be a great way to attract buyers and put your home’s best foot forward. Fresh and new exterior paint can make a home look ten years newer and significantly impact its overall look and feel. Paint can even increase the value of your home, making it appear more expensive than the previous paint did. A fresh coat of paint will also help potential buyers know your home is well taken care of and regularly maintained. 

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