5 Tips for choosing paint colors in a commercial space

As a business owner, it’s essential to make a positive first impression on anyone who walks through your doors. A lousy image or vibe can negatively affect your business, while a space that feels welcoming and inviting can do just the opposite. 

While many items come into play when it comes to first impressions, your space’s physical appearance plays a big role in a customer’s experience. Choosing the right commercial paint colors for your space’s interior and exterior can significantly impact how you make your customers (and others traveling in and out of your doors) feel. 

So how do you pick paint colors that will achieve positive results? A few items come into play. We’re sharing 5 tips for choosing the right paint color for your business. 

Tip 1: Don’t Ignore Psychology

Have you ever looked at a color and felt a certain way? Whether you know it or not, there is actually science and psychology behind how colors affect our moods and emotions. With that in mind, you’ll want to consider the feelings each color evokes that you’re considering using in your space. 

If you’re unsure of where to start with these, check out our color theory blog to learn more about what colors subconsciously communicate to your customers and employees. 

Tip 2: Stay True To Your Brand

An important part of any good marketing strategy includes branding and keeping things consistent. Consistency helps your business stay recognizable and walks customers through a journey that feels continuous and natural from start to finish. 

While your main brand color doesn’t necessarily need to be on every wall, consider a color palette complementary to your brand, logo, and designs. A customer’s impression of you doesn’t only exist online. Many experts suggest that every “touchpoint” of your business should communicate your clients’ same message. 

Tip 3: Consider Color Theory

You don’t need to be an artist to understand how the color wheel works to pair up complementary colors. On a traditional color wheel, those colors that are across from each other are considered complementary, and the first color should be used as the primary color while its complement should be used as accents. Complementary pairs can be a great way to nail down exterior paint palettes, decor ideas, and more. 

Tip 4: Play Off Of The Space

Another consideration is the location and physical space of your office or building. If you’re in a commercial zone, you may need to follow regulations or guidelines to ensure your building’s paint is up to code. Historical buildings also generally have restrictions on the colors you can use. 

If your building doesn’t have any “rules” to follow, the options are endless, but you’ll still want to complement the space. For small offices, something bright and light may make the space feel bigger. 

Tip 5: Consult With A Professional First 

If you’re still unsure what direction to go in, consulting with a professional can be a great next step. In many cases, free estimates or consultations can be used to get a sense of each business, their pricing, and what solutions they can offer. We also recommend finding a professional painter like Todd A Hess Painting who specializes in color theory. 

At Todd A Hess Painting, we offer many different painting solutions for commercial businesses in need of a repaint or update. Our experience working with various organizations, including churches, dental offices, law offices, or other commercial businesses, means that we are ready to take on your unique needs and goals. 

Have other questions? Chat with our team today! 

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