How to Choose a Painting Company in York, PA

Greetings from Todd A Hess Painting Co! In this week’s post, Todd is here to guide you through the crucial process of selecting the best painting company in York, PA. With numerous options available, three key aspects can help you distinguish an exceptional company from the rest.

1. Community Engagement

A painting company that takes pride in its work and actively participates in the community is a valuable find. Look for signs of community involvement, such as company vans at local events, donations to community causes, and employees engaging in community activities. This indicates a company confident in its services and dedicated to contributing positively to the local area.

2. Online Fan Base Interaction

The interaction a company has with its online fan base is a testament to its commitment to customer engagement. While the size of the fan base matters less than the quality of interaction, companies that respond to comments and actively engage with followers demonstrate a genuine connection with their audience. This responsiveness reflects a customer-focused approach and a willingness to connect beyond the physical realm.

3. Quality Work Beyond Aesthetics

Quality work goes beyond the aesthetics of straight lines and well-painted surfaces. Look for companies that prioritize protecting your property during the painting process. This includes measures such as using drop cloths, plastic coverings for furniture, and maintaining a clean and organized work area. Exceptional customer service is another element of quality work, with considerations like taking care of tasks, such as bringing in the newspaper or putting trash cans back in their place.

Understanding the components of quality work may not always be apparent in online images. Reading reviews, seeking references, or hearing about experiences from friends and family who have worked with the company provide valuable insights into the overall quality of service.

Choosing the best painters in York, PA involves considering these multifaceted components of quality work. 

If you have an upcoming project or are considering one, explore our website at and get a free quote or give us a call at 717-881-5807. Todd A Hess Painting Co. is committed to delivering a painting experience that goes beyond expectations. Thank you for considering us for your project needs.

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