How to Choose a Painter for a Historic Home in York, PA

In our latest post, we’re helping you discover essential insights on selecting the right painter for your historic home in York, PA. Uncover key considerations, from meticulous preparation to choosing the ideal materials. Join us as we simplify the process of finding a skilled professional who understands the unique needs of historical properties. Navigating this task can be challenging, but with the right approach, you can find the perfect match for your unique needs.

1. Conduct a Thorough Google Search

Initiate your quest by conducting a comprehensive Google search for painting contractors specializing in historical homes. Explore websites, paying special attention to before-and-after pictures and ongoing projects. Look for clear indicators that the contractor has experience working on historical properties.

2. Seek Referrals and Partnerships

Referrals can be invaluable in this process. We, at Todd A Hess Painting Company, proudly collaborate with Old York Homes, a reputable company with over 35 years of expertise in historical home restoration. Seek partnerships and recommendations to ensure the painter has a track record of success in this niche.

3. Assess Knowledge of Historical Home Prep

Engage potential painters in discussions about their knowledge of historical home preparation. Inquire about the extent of prep work they envision, such as scraping and sanding. Delve into specifics—what tools will be used for scraping, and how thorough will the sanding process be? Understanding these details is crucial for a successful project outcome.

4. Question Their Approach to Bare Wood

Get insights into the painter’s approach to bare wood. Ask about their priming methods—whether they use self-priming latex products, full oil priming, or other techniques. This step ensures that the painter aligns with your expectations for the preservation of your historical home.

5. Emphasize Protection Measures

Protection is paramount in historical home painting. Inquire about the measures the painter will take to safeguard non-painted areas, such as brick or stone. Ensure they are equipped to prevent drips and paint on these delicate surfaces, showcasing their commitment to a meticulous and professional process.

Choosing a painter for your historical home requires diligence and a keen eye for detail. If you’re in search of a painting company well-versed in historical preservation in York, PA, reach out to us at 717-881-5807 and get your free quote today. Let Todd A Hess Painting Co. bring expertise and precision to your historical home project.

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