Color and Sheen Concepts

So we’re here, going to give you some color and sheen concepts that are happening right now in York County, Pennsylvania. Predominantly ceilings are still standard white in a flat sheen. We typically use Ben Moore’s ceiling paint in an ultra-flat or Wall Supreme in a flat.

Walls are coming down from being satin years ago. A lot of people are going towards an eggshell and flat finish. An eggshell that we like is Manor Hall by PBG. You could use a flat like this ceiling paint as a wall paint if you’d like. You could use the Wall Supreme as a wall paint as well. Emerald is a good product by Sherwin-Williams. This is in satin. It can be used inside of a bathroom, because those sheens have stayed satin. Trims have gone from semi-gloss to satin. We recommend and use Cabinet Coat and Advanced, both of them are sold by Ben Moore. We’ve seen too that walls have stayed predominantly a trend of gray being put on most walls in someone’s house.

Hope this information helped you. This is Todd with Todd A Hess Painting Company.

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