How to choose a painting contractor: 5 things to consider

Ready to start your home renovation painting projects and are searching for a reputable painter near your home?

Do you have a business office that needs a refresh with brand new paint (it’s just amazing what a bucket of paint can do!)?

If you’re wondering how to choose a painter or painting company, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to present 5 very important things to consider before you hire a painter.
Without further ado, here are some important things to consider before hiring a painting contractor for your home or business:

1) Does the painter offer the services you need?

Yes most painters will paint the walls in your house. But what if you need window trim, mantels, banisters, etc painted? What if you want the interior and the exterior of your home painted? Does the painter offer both services?
You’ll most likely want a painter who is detail oriented to do a great job.
So be sure to communicate exactly what you need painted to determine if he or she offers the services you need.
To learn more about painting services offered by Todd A. Hess Painting Company to Lancaster County customers, visit the following pages:

  • Home interior painting
  • Home exterior painting
  • Commercial business painting

2) Are the painting services in your budget or price range?

You definitely want to be sure you can afford a painter before hiring him/her. Take advantage of getting a free quote to see where you stand when it comes to the numbers. And if he/she doesn’t specify whether or not the quote is free, be sure to ask before they come out to your home or business.

3) When you meet with him/her in person to get a quote, is he/she friendly, professional? Were they on time to your appointment?

First impressions mean a lot, especially when hiring any type of contractor. When he/she showed up for the free painting quote, did you get a good feeling that they’d be a good fit for your project(s)?
Did you feel comfortable showing them the project and speaking about the project? Did they answer your questions thoroughly?
Does he/she seem honest and trustworthy? After all, you are inviting a contractor into your home for painting services. You want the painter (and any other type of contractor) to be safe and trustworthy around your family and pets.
These are all great questions to ask yourself before making a decision of who to hire.

4) Does the painter have good reviews? Have you asked for references? Include some reviews here.

Before making a big purchase or choosing a contractor, many people search the internet to read reviews on the product or company. Reviews, whether good or bad, help us make a decision to purchase a product or hire a contractor.
Well the same goes for hiring a painter. Do your due diligence and search the internet for reviews from actual customers. Read the reviews.

If you can’t find reviews online, feel free to ask him/her for references of previous customers. Find out if they were happy or unhappy with the painter’s services.
If you’re curious, we saved you some time and included a few of the many reviews of the Todd A. Hess Painting Company:
“My husband and I used Todd to paint numerous areas in our home and he did a fabulous job. Not only is he extremely professional, but he also helped up choose the exact tones of the colors we wanted, to allow a nice flow from room to room. I would HIGHLY recommend him for any of your future needs.”~ K. Ort
“From the beginning to the end Todd Hess did a great job painting almost our entire house. Thank you for your professionalism, courtesy, and meticulous workmanship. I’d highly recommend Todd A. Hess Painting to anyone. Thanks Todd!!”~ K. Parks
“Todd painted our back deck for us before the winter. It’s quite large and needed a lot of love first. He sanded and corrected nail pops as needed before doing a great job of painting! He stuck to his quote and went the extra mile replacing some of the lattice below the deck. All in all, a wonderful experience.”~ Robert Bowser

5) What is their work ethic or philosophy when it comes to painting?

When the painter comes out to give you a free estimate, get a feel for their work ethic. Are they in a rush to get the job done so they can just move onto their next project? Does it seem like they’re detail-oriented?
Just so you’re aware, our painting contractor believes in doing the job right the first time. You’ll love our results!
We aren’t lazy and we don’t cut corners (ever hear of the saying—a lazy person works double?). We don’t work double; we do everything right the first time around.
If you’d like to find out if the Todd A. Hess Painting Company is a good fit for your painting projects, contact us today for a free quote.
Call us at (717) 881-5807 or Get a Estimate

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