Interior Painting of Window Grids

So we’re here on an interior painting project with Zane, he’s one of our foremen. He’s doing the grids of the windows here on this project. Sometimes the grid can be part of the sash, which is this part of the window, this happens to be where you can take the grids out. On interior […]

Repairs Before Interior Painting

A lot of the interior painting projects that we go on, we find stuff like this. This used to be where there was an old speaker and they had removed it. We’re taking the drywall back. And then we’ll replace that, skim that out, and then that’ll look new. In a lot of these interior […]

The solution to fuzzies in the wall paint.

How are you doing? I wanted to take some time, to give you guys another small tip. It could possibly help you out from ruining a wall because a lot of people, go to Home Depot or Lowe’s and they end up getting a cheaper grade roller cover. What do I mean by roller cover, […]

Choosing the Right Gray for You

We’re going to try to help you pick a gray color for your walls. This could be a very difficult task for some people because finding a true gray is very hard. Grays do have a little bit of green in them sometimes, a little bit of blue in them sometimes. Sometimes they have a […]

Color and Sheen Concepts

So we’re here, going to give you some color and sheen concepts that are happening right now in York County, Pennsylvania. Predominantly ceilings are still standard white in a flat sheen. We typically use Ben Moore’s ceiling paint in an ultra-flat or Wall Supreme in a flat. Walls are coming down from being satin years […]