What to Expect When Hiring an Exterior Painter in York, PA

Curious about what to anticipate when hiring a professional exterior painter? Todd Hess from Todd A Hess Painting Co. breaks down the essential elements that reputable painting companies should cover during your exterior house painting project – specifically for those in the York, PA, area

1. Thorough Cleaning Process

Expect a meticulous cleaning process targeting mildew, dirt, and chalking on your siding. Chalking, often seen when rubbing your thumb across siding, indicates oxidation. A professional team will efficiently remove this chalking, ensuring a clean and primed surface for the upcoming painting steps.

2. Comprehensive Prepping

Depending on your surface type, the prepping stage involves scraping off loose or peeling paint, sanding for optimal adhesion, and addressing necessary repairs. Wood projects may require extra attention, fixing rotted areas like those found at the bottom of door jams. No rotted or compromised areas should be overlooked during this phase.

3. Coating Process: Primer and Finish

Before diving into the painting process, ensure the application of primer on any bare wood or metal. While the entire project may not require priming, any bare surfaces should receive this crucial preparatory step. When applying the final coating, high-build products like Sherwin Williams’ Duration are recommended for uniform coverage. Siding and shutters, in particular, should receive two coats to guarantee adequate protection and a flawless finish without visible brush strokes.

4. Attention to Detail in Cleanup and Protection

A professional exterior painter doesn’t just complete the project; they ensure a thorough cleanup and protect your property. Inquire about their cleanup routines at the end of each day and the project’s conclusion. Additionally, discuss their measures to safeguard your walkways, landscaping, roof, and adjacent surfaces.

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So, when hiring an exterior painter, remember these key expectations: a detailed cleaning process, comprehensive prepping, a thoughtful coating process with primer and finish coats, and meticulous cleanup and property protection measures. 

If you’re ready to transform your home’s exterior, reach out to Todd A Hess Painting Co. at 717-881-5807 or request a free quote today online. Elevate your home’s curb appeal with the expertise of seasoned professionals.

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