6 Tips For Finding The Right Professional Painter In York, PA

Finding the right professional painter to work with can be a challenge. From knowing what team is in your price range to investing in quality services that will last for years, finding the right painting company to work with may be more complicated than you think. 

With nearly 230,000 house painting contractors across the US, though. Before you hire someone, it helps to have a plan. Otherwise, you might risk hiring someone who cuts corners. In addition, they might lack the experience, materials, or qualifications for the task.

But for those in the Central Pennsylvania area, we’re sharing everything you need to look into before booking with a professional painter. These six tips will help ensure you’re working with the right company for your needs and help you feel confident in your final choice. 

1. Gather Personal Recommendations

First, talk to friends, neighbors, and family members. Have any of them recently completed a house painting project? If so, take the time to determine who they hired.

Consider making a list of questions to ask to learn more about their experience with the painter, too. For example, you can ask:

  • Was the painter professional and knowledgeable
  • Did you experience any problems
  • How much did it cost to paint a house
  • Did you request interior or exterior house paint services
  • Did the painter arrive on time
  • Would you hire them again

Making a list of personal referrals can help streamline your search. You can even look at the finished product by visiting that friend’s home. Make sure the final result meets your expectations and standards.

They could help provide a few interior or exterior house paint ideas you can use, too. 

If your friends can’t point you in the right direction, they could help you determine which painters to avoid. 

2. Look for Years of Experience

Once you have a few different painters to choose from, learn more about each professional’s time and experience in the industry. Research each company by going to their website and reading their About page. This will give you insight into their past experience and how the team works.

Finding someone with years of hands-on experience could give you peace of mind. These professionals will have an easier time answering your questions, too. You can leverage their experience and expertise to make informed decisions about your house painting project. 

3. Check for Licensing and Insurance

Once you find an experienced team, look into their credentials. First, make sure each company is licensed. Next, confirm that the license is up-to-date and relevant to residential properties, too. If the company refuses to prove they’re licensed, choose a different house painter.

Ensure the company has general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. The former will protect your best interests if a painter damages your property on the job. Worker’s compensation insurance will ensure they’re covered if they’re hurt while on the job. In either sense, the company won’t hold you liable for damages. 

4. Review Past Work 

Remember, you’ll want to ensure the painter can meet your standards. Otherwise, they could waste your time and money. Ask each house painting company if they have a portfolio.

Otherwise, ask if they have any photos from their most recent projects.

Check their Google My Business profile or social media accounts for photos, too. Make sure the company is capable of meeting your standards. If their work doesn’t meet your expectations, scratch that company off your list. 

5. Understand Their Process

Make sure to ask each company about the materials they use. Also, you’ll want to make sure they’re using a high-quality paint brand. Otherwise, the paint might fade sooner than you anticipated.

Talk to the company about the exterior house paint they use, too. Will the paint withstand the sun’s harsh UV rays? The color will fade if they do not use high-quality exterior house paint. Extreme weather conditions can cause the fading process to accelerate, too.

You may also want to ask if the company uses high-quality paints like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, or McCormick paints. Then, ask about their process. How will they protect your home before they get started? What safety precautions do they take on the job? An experienced team will already have an efficient plan in place. 

6. Read Customer Reviews

While you’re online, take the time to read recent customer reviews. Reviews will help you gauge the company’s reputation. A company with a strong professional reputation will want to maintain it. These teams might work harder to meet your standards and expectations. 

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The crew at Todd A Hess Painting Co can help bring any vision you have to life. From interior and exterior home projects to commercial spaces, the expert painters will ensure your project looks fantastic and delivers in every way. 

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