Todd A. Hess Painting Co. Gives Back to Bell Family Shelter

Todd A. Hess Painting Co., and its owners, Todd and Alex Hess, have the privilege of donating an Adopt-a-Day gift to Bell Family Shelter today, March 4th, 2023.

They said, “This day is significant to us, as it marks our 7th year in business, proudly serving York County and beyond! We love our local area and have a big heart for helping our community. Our team donated $1,350 to Bell Family Shelter, contributing to the cost of operations to run the shelter for just one day,” they added, “We try to provide our employees with a safe working environment where they can thrive and learn their craft, much like the safety Bell also provides.”

With this gift, Todd and Alex Hess help the families and individuals we serve have access to the resources they need to regain independent living, including food, shelter, and compassionate staff. Thank you, Todd A Hess Painting Co., for helping to create a brighter tomorrow. We love our York community and small business supporters. 

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