4 Things to Know About Hiring a House Painter in Lancaster, PA


This is Todd with Todd A Hess Painting Company, and I’d like to speak with you now about some things you need to know if you’re hiring a painter in Lancaster, PA. There are four of them that are very important to us.

Number one would be, does the painting company have insurance

I know it’s a little bit of an oversight sometimes for other people, but we encourage people to make sure a painting contractor has insurance.

We also encourage customers to ask if the person does criminal background checks. Everybody in our company has criminal background checks done. The last thing you want is somebody inside your home that may have some criminal background that could put your family in danger. 

Ask what line of paint the team is using for your project. 

We also have seen in the past that proposals with clients come in and they have, “We’re going to use Sherwin-Williams paint,” but they don’t specify what line they’re going to use. So you could be duped in, “Hey, they’re using Sherwin-Williams paint,” but it’s only a lower-end paint. It isn’t the real high-quality paint that you really want for the longevity of your project to last.

And the fourth one and final one would be, does the painting contractor do the type of work that you want done often

And the reason why I think this is vitally important is we do large exterior projects with a lot of wood on them. Some of these projects haven’t been done for 10, 15, 20, or 25 years because of their cost. So when customers want to get these projects done, they want them to last for a while because it’s a large investment, so we always would ask the contractors how often they do this type of work because if they aren’t doing this type of work regularly, you might not get the quality and the job that you want in the end.
If you’re in the market right now and you’re looking to get a painting project done, please contact us. Check out our website, www.toddahesspaintingco.com or give us a call at 717-881-5807.

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