4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a House Painter in Lancaster, PA


I’m Todd with Todd A. Hess Painting Company. I’m here to talk to you about things you would ask a painter in Lancaster, PA, before hiring them.

Do You Have Experience With Large Painting Projects?

Number one would be what type of project you want to get done and how often they do that. Here at Todd A. Hell Painting Company, we do a lot of large exterior paint jobs that require a lot of prep, there’s a lot of wood involved. These projects may be done are only every 20 or 25 years, and we know that that’s a particular type of painting we would want you to ask the contractor how often they do the type of painting that you’re looking to get done.

What Insurance Do You Carry?

Another one would be what insurance they carry. Because insurance is something that’s overlooked by many homeowners, accidents do happen. So you want to ensure that the people on your job are insured, especially if there’s work that’s going to be done that’s up high that could possibly be a safety hazard. You want to make sure that they have insurance.

What Line of Paint Do You Use?

Number three would be are they using a line of paint that you know for a fact? If a contract says, “Hey, we’re going to use Sherman Williams paint,” or, “We’re going to use PPG paint,” and nothing is telling you what line the paint is, then they’re not letting you know what quality because every manufacturer has a low quality and high quality and we always recommend do not skimp on the quality of the paint because the higher quality is going to last longer, be more durable.

Do You Do Background Checks on Your Employees?

Fourth, do they do criminal background checks on their employees? You never want to have people in your house working around your family if you don’t know that there’s been criminal background checks and that person’s safe to work in your home.

Those are the four things that we encourage people to ask contractors when they come out to paint your house. If you’re in the market right now looking to do a project and Lancaster, PA, please look us up at our website, toddahesspaintingco.com, and give us a call if you’d like: (717) 881-5807.

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