5 Tips for House Painting in York, PA


This is Todd with Todd A. Hess Painting Company. I’m here to talk to you today about some ideas for painting your house in York, PA

1. White Cabinets

A great thing to paint in your home would be your cabinets. A lot of people are going from natural wood to white. Some people are even doing different colors, a darker color on the bottom lighter color up top, giving you a chance to put on a new countertop or something like that and change the look of the kitchen.

2. Single Color Theme Throughout the Home

Another one is throughout your home, painting one color throughout the whole home. We’ve noticed that’s coming to be something that settles a house down a little bit. It makes transitions between areas much smoother because these homes are now more modern. Homes are open, so you’re not boxed in with all the different rooms. So just thinking about using one color throughout the house is another great idea.

3. Dark Ceilings

Looking to do darker ceilings. We’ve seen that too. That seems to be something that changes the look of the home. Makes it a little different than other people’s homes. Many people are just using standard white ceilings, but I don’t think you should avoid looking into gray ceilings. That’s something that we’ve seen in people’s homes. It looks sharp.

4. Hire a Color Consultant

If you want to do the painting yourself, you might want to reach out to a professional painter who does color consultations or an interior designer, one of those two things, because color selection can be overwhelming. You go into one of these home improvement stores, and there are walls and walls of colors. It might help if you’re doing this, painting yourself to spend that little bit of money just to get somebody to help you with the color selection.

5. Keep It Simple

If you have a wallpapered room in your home, I know many contractors are really, “Hey, you really should remove the wallpaper.” If the wallpaper’s tight and it’s flat, it doesn’t have a pattern in it, I don’t think if you’re on a budget and you’re just looking to make that room look better, I don’t think it’s anything wrong with prepping it the proper way, using the right primers and painting over it. That’s something that, as I said, some people will shy away from. But I think, again, that’s a great idea if you’re looking to get something done and you have a smaller budget.

We’ve also seen some cool ideas that are relatively budget-friendly, too, if you’re somebody that puts schedules up or somebody that writes the meetings that you have and you have an office, or you have a kitchen with a little area. Many people successfully put up whiteboard and chalkboard areas, which helps out. It’s not an extra thing hanging on the wall. It’s right against the wall, so that’s another great idea. I felt that you might like these ideas. 

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