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Hello, this is Todd with Todd A. Hess Painting Company. I wanted to talk to you a little bit about a few things we’re seeing here in Mechanicsburg, PA, when it comes to painting. We are doing a project right on Main Street in Mechanicsburg, and as we’re doing this project, we’re able to get into the community a little bit. And we’re noticing that there are a lot of third floors on this community’s older homes that need to be painted or they need to be done correctly.

It’s possible this work is being done by contractors who are not equipped to do it. This goes back to what we’ve discussed before, if you are hiring a painter, be sure to ask if this is the type of work they’re regularly doing. If you have an older home, and you’ve looked up on the third floor and seen that past painters haven’t done that third floor, then we recommend calling a company with the experience and equipment to paint your home.

And with that said, we have also seen several houses where the front doors are beautiful, the shutters are beautiful, and the front of the building is beautiful, but it doesn’t look like people are getting the sides of the building or the back of the building. And that leads to maintenance issues that could plague a property; when the front of the building looks beautiful but has wood or something that would end up failing later. That stuff needs to be protected. I think that if you do have a building like that, you should talk with a painter, find somebody that does large buildings that are tall regularly. And if you’re in the market for a painter in Mechanicsburg PA, we do that work. You can give us a call at (717) 881-5807.

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