The solution to fuzzies in the wall paint.

How are you doing? I wanted to take some time, to give you guys another small tip. It could possibly help you out from ruining a wall because a lot of people, go to Home Depot or Lowe’s and they end up getting a cheaper grade roller cover. What do I mean by roller cover, is one of these roller covers. I have in my hands here, a woven roller cover and a knit roller cover. Almost 98% of the time, we use woven. This one in particular is a Pro/Doo-Z, 1/2-inch nap. That’s the amount of padding that roller cover has. And you can get it 3/8, 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch on so and on farther. This is a knit. It’s just a PBG grade or brand, knit roller cover.

Now, sometimes people buy even cheaper grades at these home improvement stores. They go, they put a coat of paint on the walls and then they start looking at the wall or the wall gets light on it and they see like, it almost looks like it has the little hairs from these roll covers. And that’s because a woven roller cover is more shed resistant, still sheds a little bit though. And I’m going to show you here in a second, how you can stop all of that or at least minimize it. I shouldn’t say stop all of it, minimize it from them hairs being pulled out of the roller cover.

So it really doesn’t matter which one you buy. I would recommend always buying a woven though. Less shedding, less spritzing from it. Spritzing is kind of like that back spray. So let me go ahead and show you what I would do, regardless of which one of these you buy. And we’re going to do both of them real quick so we can tell the difference. You’re going to get a roll of regular masking tape. Our masking tape comes from Sherwin-Williams, but you can get 3M masking tape, it’s fine. And what we’re going to do is, we’re just going to take it and just tightly tape the roller cover.

Rip that off, go ahead and put it on your frame with the end that you stopped without and then take that tape off. And what you’re going to want to do is, look and see. Can you see? Yep, you can see it a little bit. See how much came off? And then that’ll stop that from shedding. Do a little bit … Just to get the last little bit off that might be loosened by the tape and there you go. You’ve just stopped and minimized that being put onto the wall. So we’ll just pull that one out.

Let’s do the knit one a while, too. You saw what was on from the woven. Let’s see what we get left behind on the knit. Might be a little more, might be the same. I’m not really sure. I would imagine there’ll probably be more on it but we’ll find out. Again, just get the last little bit off, got a little piece of tape here that we can get off. Just make sure you don’t trap any tape in that top portion of it. You might have to knock the roller cover off a little bit just to get that last little piece of tape. And then you see how much is on here. You can tell, a lot more came off that knit roller than came off the woven roller.

Woven rollers are just more shed-resistant. Again, just depends on what you get. If you end up having to get knit roller covers, it’s okay. Do this. I think it’s going to end up helping you out, not getting that on the walls. You still might get a little bit that comes out of it, you can never get the 100%. But if you ever saw that texture on the walls and it looked like the little tiny fabrics from the roller cover, it probably was and it probably came from a cheaper roller cover. So it’s a little bit of a tip. I hope it helped you out. Let me know if it does. Appreciate you guys watching. See you next time. And make sure you like, and share this comment. Help me out. Thanks a lot people, have a good one.

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