How To Find The Best Residential Painting Company In Central PA

If you’ve completed a painting project in the past, then you already know that they involve lots of moving parts. Whether you worked with professional painters or DIYed it yourself, painting walls, ceilings, doors, and more is a tall order. By doing the proper research before your next project, you can save yourself time and headaches if you work with the right painting company. 

Knowing how to do that research may be unfamiliar to you. While every company may promise great customer service and quality products, not every business actually delivers. We’re sharing with you five key factors to look into when choosing to partner with a painting company in your area. 

5-Star Reputation

Some homeowners are willing to gamble on new or inexperienced painters for a cheaper price up front. Unfortunately, this approach often costs more money and headaches in the long run than investing in a painting company with a 5-star reputation. Be sure to read from others’ experiences working with the company to get a sense or who feels like the right fit for you. 

Timeframes That Fit Your Requirements

Scheduling a project isn’t always easy. You want to find a painter that fits in your timeline and understands your needs. Many companies tend to over promise on timeline and under delivery. Be sure to get realistic estimates on timelines from the company you work with. This might mean that it takes an extra week or two to start a project, but timelines are kept once started.

If you go with a company that over promises, they may start a project when you would like but continually delay during the project – which means supplies and contractors around your home much longer than you’d like. 

Respect To Your Property

This isn’t always a customer’s first consideration when vetting painting companies, but it’s important to work with a painter that respects your property and treats your home like their own. There are companies out there that don’t use the right tools or equipment to keep your property safe from damage. At Todd A Hess Painting, we put extra consideration into your home and how we impact your space. We are conscientious of your home and never want to invade your area. Our team also uses plastic and additional items to keep your property safe. We only put paint where paint should be! 

Knowledgeable Staff

You want to work with a business that you always feel comfortable asking questions with. Your painter should be a knowledgeable professional who can answer your questions and provide answers that ease your mind or explain their processes. If the company seems hesitant to provide you with answers, they may be lacking in skills or experience which will also reflect in their services and finished product. 

Services and Specialties You Need

Not every home painter is equal. Some have the skills and specialized knowledge to complete specific projects, while others offer a more affordable, generic service. Depending on your needs, your home may require a painter who brings specific skills to the table. Painting specific types of materials, finishes, and parts of your home all require different materials, skills, and more.

Ready to Work With a Company You Can Trust?

Todd A Hess Painting is ready to help you! We bring years of experience, great custom reviews, and the skills necessary to help you complete your home project. Contact us today to learn more about getting started on your project. 

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