5 Reasons To Paint Your Home’s Exterior This Fall

Homeowners have many decisions to make regarding home improvement projects and maintaining a space they love. Making your house feel like a home takes time and careful consideration. Many factors are involved, including paint colors, architecture, furniture, decor, design, and more. 

The best time of year to paint your home’s exterior depends on the temperature and humidity outside. For the best results, we recommend scheduling paint projects in Central Pennsylvania during the fall season. 

Painting During The Fall

For a perfect exterior paint project, the weather needs to cooperate as it plays a large role in the project’s success. If it’s rainy or cold, your paint won’t dry or cure properly. Spring, Summer, and Winter all bring with them challenges that disrupt paint, crew members, and project timelines or success. However, the fall has all of the cards in your favor for a beautiful, even new coat of paint. 

1. Weather And Temperatures

The fall is our favorite season to get to exterior painting. With it comes the perfect temperatures for our crew to be outside and for the paint to dry evenly. Extreme hots in the summer or colds in the winter can cause paint to dry unevenly, which isn’t the look you want for your home. 

However, once the cold winter weather rolls in, finding a time when the conditions are suitable for painting becomes more challenging.

2. Moisture And Humidity

Moisture is another essential factor to consider when painting your home. For any paint project, the paint must dry properly and bond to the surface it is being applied to. Paint should only be applied to a dry, clean surface with as little moisture as possible. 

Humidity can impact the application, durability, and texture of the paint. The moisture will dissipate as the seasons change from summer to fall, allowing the paint to dry correctly. Less moisture means a cleaner, more even application and final look. 

3. Rain Is Less Likely

While rain isn’t always predictable, the fall months in Central Pennsylvania are generally dry and mild. When it does rain, like in the spring months, the moisture from the rain makes it much harder for your paint to dry and properly bond to its surface. When you have your house painted in the fall, the job is less likely to be delayed and can oftentimes dry faster. 

4. Prepare For The Holiday Season

The holiday season is when many homeowners host friends and family for holiday celebrations and get-togethers. If you decide to paint your house in the early fall, you can have everything done before the holidays take over and impress those coming to your home. 

You also want to consider the schedule of the painting professionals you work with. Holidays are busy for most people, including paint crews. So be sure to schedule your paint project as soon as possible to help you get everything done before family and friends show up for the holiday festivities.

5. Availability Can Be Easier

Generally speaking, the fall season tends to slow down for professional painters, allowing a little bit more flexibility in their schedules and availability. Contact Todd A Hess Painting today to learn more about our availability and possible times to accommodate your project. Don’t delay until the busy seasons roll around. We want you to finish your project on time and on budget! 

Choose A Painter You Can Trust

When you are ready to take on an exterior or interior paint project, you want to make sure that you work with a professional you can trust, who communicates effectively, and feels like a good fit for your needs. More importantly, you want your project to look perfect and last a long time. 

Todd A Hess Painting is happy to help with your next project for those in the Central Pennsylvania area. We have the tools and experience to complete your project, just the way you like it. Take advantage of the fall season, and contact us today for a free consultation!

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