How Much Does It Cost To Paint A House In York, PA

Believe it or not, a lot more factors go into quoting a house painting project in Central Pennsylvania beyond a simple square footage calculation. Sure, some companies offer pricing structures this way and tend to be the cheapest options – because they cut costs in other ways, including potentially the work done to your home or office. 

If you’re searching for a quote for a painting project and want to better understand the factors that influence cost, look into these 5 items when searching for contractors in York, PA. 


When it comes to your home or business, quality should matter and be a top priority. This doesn’t just mean high-quality work but high-quality products, service, and experience. If your quote is really cheap and seems too good to be true, quality of the work is usually the first aspect of a job to suffer. 

Quality also overlaps in the other four areas. 


If you’re not familiar with the painting industry, prep work for a project probably isn’t even on your radar. Businesses that take time and effort to appropriately prep for your project may cost a little more than others but offer a huge return on investment. Prepwork includes everything from having the right equipment and materials with the crew to keep things clean and organized to arriving at your project on time and staying on track for deadlines. 

Materials + Equipment

Materials and equipment will always influence the cost of a project. When you choose lower-quality paints and materials, you can definitely save a few bucks but this may be at the cost of the overall project. 

At Todd A. Hess Painting Co., we use sanders and vacuums called Festools which eliminate about 90% of the dust compared to hand sanding. While these are expensive pieces of equipment, they offer the benefit of fast and easy cleanup for all of our customers’ projects. Our crews can get in and out quickly, leaving every job looking spotless. Cleanliness and respecting property are top priorities for all of our team members. 

Products that cost less can also require more maintenance and upkeep along the line. This may mean that instead of repainting your space every 10 years, you’re not required to do so every 4. 


Along with reliable materials and equipment, everything used to complete a project will influence the longevity of the actual work. If you want your space to look fresh and new for years to come, consider investing in low-maintenance, high-quality paints. The work done by each crew will also influence how long the product lasts. If a paint crew preps the space properly, the product can receive a better application and ultimately last longer. 

We always recommend thinking of your project as an investment in your space, not just a task that needs to be checked off of a list. When you consider the lifetime of your project, it is easier to compare one quality quote now to four sub-par quotes over the years. 


If you want to work with a responsive, respectful, and communicative team, we encourage you to ask about this during the quoting process. Not only do reviews online give you an idea of what it’s like to work with a business but understanding how they prioritize communication is key. If the business or quote doesn’t seem to factor in customer service, you may want to search elsewhere. 

While caring for your customers seems like it should be a requirement for all painting contractors, the reality is that it isn’t always addressed. Work with a team that listens to your needs, gives you time when you have questions, and keeps you updated on all aspects of your project. 

York, PA, Painting Contractors You Can Trust

For those in the Central Pennsylvania area, Todd A Hess Painting Co invites you to get a quote from our team! We prioritize our customers and keep these 5 areas top of mind for every project. If you’re ready to get started with a painter you can trust, we would love to learn more about your needs. 

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