How Much Does It Cost To Paint A House In York, PA

Believe it or not, a lot more factors go into quoting a house painting project in Central Pennsylvania beyond a simple square footage calculation. Sure, some companies offer pricing structures this way and tend to be the cheapest options – because they cut costs in other ways, including potentially the work done to your home […]

3 Tips For Finding The Right House Painter In York PA

Painting your home’s interior or exterior is a wonderful way to breathe new life into your space. From bright pops of color to fresh coats of neutral hues, paint can completely transform the look and feel of your home.  When you’re ready to get started with painting your house, finding the right professional painter to […]

3 Things to Consider When Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

Exterior paint colors on your house can make a world of difference when it comes to your home’s curb appeal. From the first driveby to photos online, the paint and colors of your home really can make a lasting impression. Whether you want to sell your home or simply need an update, a fresh coat […]

5 Reasons To Paint Your Home’s Exterior This Fall

Homeowners have many decisions to make regarding home improvement projects and maintaining a space they love. Making your house feel like a home takes time and careful consideration. Many factors are involved, including paint colors, architecture, furniture, decor, design, and more.  The best time of year to paint your home’s exterior depends on the temperature […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Color Theory

It’s undeniable that color influences the way that you feel. Whether you’re toying with the idea of painting a room inside your home or are ready to repaint the exterior of your house, the color you choose is a huge decision. You will want to select a color that complements your space, captures your style, […]

How To Find The Best Residential Painting Company In Central PA

If you’ve completed a painting project in the past, then you already know that they involve lots of moving parts. Whether you worked with professional painters or DIYed it yourself, painting walls, ceilings, doors, and more is a tall order. By doing the proper research before your next project, you can save yourself time and […]

5 Tips for choosing paint colors in a commercial space

As a business owner, it’s essential to make a positive first impression on anyone who walks through your doors. A lousy image or vibe can negatively affect your business, while a space that feels welcoming and inviting can do just the opposite.  While many items come into play when it comes to first impressions, your […]

Why Explore A Career In Professional Painting

If you’re on the job hunt but aren’t sure what field to explore, professional painting may be the perfect option for you. While many places are hiring, choosing a business to work for where you enjoy the work and the company culture are equally important.  So Why Work as a Professional Painter?  Professional painting as […]

5 Signs Your Home Needs A Fresh Coat of Exterior Paint

When was the last time your home’s exterior got a fresh coat of paint? If you don’t know the answer, that may mean it’s time to freshen things up. As we move closer to the spring, now is the perfect time to start planning an exterior repaint for your home. From color choices to actually […]

Simple Ways to Breath New Life Into Your Wood Paneling 

Wood paneling was a popular home trend starting in the 1950s and continuing into the 1970s. During this time, many homes featured wood paneling on walls and doors of living rooms, dens, and basements. While the retro trend certainly caught on back in the day, bringing wood paneling into the twenty-first century may be a […]