4 Small Painting Projects That Can Make A Huge Difference In Your Home 

Paint is a wonderful tool for breathing new life into any space. Whether you’re on a budget, have limited time, or simply want to freshen things up in your home, consider a small paint project that packs a big punch. 

We’re sharing 4 painting projects to consider for your home this season. And if you’re in need of some helping hands to get the job done right, the team at Todd A Hess Painting Co is here to help. 


Trim is a portion of your home that oftentimes goes under the radar but can really come to life with a fresh coat of paint. From shoe or vacuum scuff marks to chipped paint and faded hues, time and baseboards can go years without the TLC they deserve. Trim work can instantly improve the look of your home, and a new color choice can also make a space feel completely different than it once was. Doors, door trim, and baseboards are just three areas that can look new with proper prep work and a fresh coat of paint.


Step in your bathroom and take a good look around. Do you find water streaks, discoloration, or other stains on your walls or ceiling? You may not even notice them in your day to day use of the space, but bathrooms are great places to invest a few extra dollars that goes a long way. 

Because bathrooms are subject to heavy moisture, it’s not uncommon for these rooms to need more frequent upkeep and repainting than other areas. And because bathrooms are usually smaller spaces, only a little paint is needed to make a big difference. Be sure to talk with local paint experts in your area about finishes and types of paint to use for your bathroom that work best fighting off moisture. 


If you haven’t repainted your hallway in the last five years, bump this up to the top of your painting priority list. Hallways often experience higher foot traffic, meaning your guests and others visiting your home notice this area since it’s out in the open. In homes with small children especially, hand prints, scuff marks, and other signs of constant wear and tear are common. But they can easily be cleaned up with a fresh coat of paint. 

Fading over time can make it difficult to match original paint colors in your hallways, so we recommend opting for an entire repaint in these areas versus smaller touch ups. Choosing a light, bright color can open up your space and make any hallways feel bigger and more open. 

Entry Doors

Doors including your home’s front door, garage door, and mudroom door are probably used every single day. The next time you enter or exit through each one, consider the condition of how it looks. Does the door appear fresh and clean or could it use a new coat of paint? In many scenarios, new paint is the way to go. 

You can experiment with paint colors on your home’s exterior doors to completely change the look of your house. From bright pops of color to neutral hues that match siding or natural materials, your home’s doors can be an expression of you and your space. Curb appeal doesn’t impact a home’s value for no reason! 

First Comes The Vision, Next Comes The Products

Once you decide on what project to tackle, now it’s time to gather your materials and choose a high-quality paint for your trim, door, wall, or other surface. For those local to the Central Pennsylvania area, Hess Supply Co located in York, PA, offers a variety of products and paints for every budget. Learn more about Hess Supply Co and explore their products that might be perfect for you. 

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