3 Things That are Different About Exterior Painting in Lancaster, PA


This is Todd with Todd A Hess Painting Company. Here are a few things we’ve noticed are different about exterior painting in Lancaster, PA

Older Architecture

In the community, we noticed a lot of older architecture there. This means that there are many more wood substrates, things that may rot if you don’t maintain them. 

Larger Buildings

We also know there are a lot of taller buildings in Lancaster or a lot of larger farmhouse-style buildings, and what this does is make it very difficult for smaller painting companies that might not do this stuff regularly. They may do everything on the first and second floors adequately, but then they ignore or don’t do the best quality work on the third floor. This wastes your investment at the time because you notice your third floor starts to have areas that are failing. 

We regularly do this type of work–larger, taller buildings–and we’re equipped to do projects of that size. 

Modern Trends

We’ve also noticed that Lancaster tends to have a more modern trend with its exteriors and interior colors. You would want to look into that in your neighborhood and see what you observe because every community is different. As neighborhoods grow, people see what their neighbors are doing and might decide it’s time for an update. If you’re in the market now looking to get painting done, please call us at (717) 881-5807.

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