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Are you ready to bring your painting visions to life but aren’t sure where to start or don’t want to spend a lot of time and money? Let Todd A. Hess Painting Co’s expert consulting service be your guide. Our team of seasoned professionals is here to empower you with the knowledge and confidence you need to tackle your painting projects like a pro. From color consultations to personalized recommendations, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve stunning results with ease, now available with our Paint Consulting Service.

You have the painting questions – and we have the answers.

Time and time again, we connect with homeowners like you who don’t know where to get started on bringing their paint visions to life, want to remedy an old paint job that they never really loved, or don’t have the funds to hire a professional painter but really want to transform their space. Sound familiar?

Because we know painting doesn’t require a degree or certification, we’re here to help guide you through the process of painting your own space – fast, simply, and affordably. If you’ve asked yourself these questions before, you’re in the right place.

  • What types of paint should I use for different surfaces?
  • How do I properly prepare surfaces before painting?
  • What tools and equipment do I need for a painting project?
  • How do I choose the right paint color for my space?
  • What are common painting mistakes to avoid?
  • How can I ensure a professional-looking paint job?
  • How do I estimate the amount of paint needed for my project?
  • What are eco-friendly paint options, and are they effective?
  • Can I paint over existing paint, or do I need to strip it first?
  • How do I maintain and care for painted surfaces after the project is complete?

We’ve heard these and many others. Which is why we designed this very service.

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Get Exact Paint Calculations with our Painter-in-a-Box Kit

Take your consultation to the next level with our exclusive Painter-in-a-Box Kit. This add-on provides you with detailed calculations for every paint and supply you’ll need for your project, ensuring you never over or under buy again. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to professional-grade results with our all-in-one solution.

Why Choose Todd A Hess Painting Co's Consulting Service?

At Todd A Hess Painting Co, we’re not just painters – we’re your dedicated partners in bringing your painting visions to life. As a family-owned painting company in York, PA, our roots run deep in our local community, and we’re passionate about sharing our expertise to empower our friends and neighbors. Our friendly and approachable team is here to demystify the painting process, providing expert guidance and personalized recommendations every step of the way.

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a first-time painter, our consulting service is designed to make your painting journey smooth, enjoyable, and stress-free.

What’s included in a Painting Consultation:


On-Site Consultation

Schedule a 1-hour consultation with our experienced painters, either in-person or via Zoom, for just $250. During this session, we’ll visit your space, discuss your vision, and provide tailored recommendations to bring your project to life.


Color Consultation

Say goodbye to decision paralysis with our comprehensive color consultation. Our experts will help you choose the perfect palette to suit your style and enhance your space.


Expert Process Information

Gain invaluable insights from our team as we walk you through the painting process step by step. From surface preparation to finishing touches, we’ll share our insider tips and tricks to ensure a flawless result.


Q&A Session

Have burning questions about painting techniques, product recommendations, or DIY tips? Our Q&A session is your chance to pick the brains of our seasoned professionals and get the answers you need.


Custom Supply List

Leave nothing to chance with a custom list of all the supplies you’ll need to complete your project. We’ll provide a detailed breakdown of every paint and accessory required, tailored to your specific needs and space size.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the consulting service cost?

Our consulting service is priced at $250 for a 1-hour on-site consultation, which includes a color consultation, expert process information, a Q&A session, and a custom supply list tailored to your project.

How long does the consultation last?

The consultation typically lasts for 1 hour, during which our experts will provide personalized recommendations and guidance for your painting project.

Can I schedule the consultation in-person or via Zoom?

Yes, you have the flexibility to choose between an in-person consultation or a virtual session via Zoom, based on your preferences and convenience.

How do I schedule my consultation?

Simply click the button below to schedule your consultation with Todd A Hess Painting Co today! Whether you’re ready to book an appointment or have questions about our services, our friendly team is here to assist you every step of the way.

Who are these consulting services for?

While our business is based in the Central, PA, area and we work with many locals in the York, Lancaster, and Harrisburg areas, these services are for anyone looking to paint their own space. Because our consulting can be done via Zoom, you do not have to be local to our area to capitalize on this offering. If you’re wanting our team to do an on-site consultation, we offer these in the York, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Carlisle, and Mechanicsburg areas.

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